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Immigration Lawyer Marietta, GA


Immigration law related issues touch more and more people each and every year in the United States, including in Marietta GA. These include people that are facing difficulties lawfully obtaining their citizenship as well as people who find themselves facing the prospect of being prosecuted (or ejected from the country) because they are unlawfully residing in the United States.


A number of factors need to be borne in mind when a person in Marietta GA is dealing with issues associated with immigration law, citizenship, etc... By understanding these specific elements of immigration law and citizenship in the United States, a person is best able to make wiser decisions when faced with these types of legal issues.


Immigration Laws in Marietta GA are Highly Complex


In the United States, laws pertaining to immigration (as well as citizenship)are complex. In addition, a person faced with the prospect of dealing with these types of issues oftentimes are forced to deal with more than one governmental agency, including ICE as well as the court system.


The importance of understanding the complexity of immigration and citizenship laws (and associated governmental procedures) simply cannot be underestimated. When a person fails to appreciate this reality, he or she typically ends up facing unanticipated consequences and fails to appropriately take steps to protect his or her interests when it comes to immigration and citizenship related matters.


Take a Proactive Stance


If a person is in the United States unlawfully, he or she typically is best served by taking a proactive stance to attempt to rectify the situation. Particularly in light of the fact that a great deal uncertainty surrounds what the U.S. government will end up doing in regard to people in the country without proper documentation, a person simply cannot bury his or her head in the sand and wish for the best.


The key to taking a person taking a proactive stance in regard to an immigration or citizenship issue is understanding that he or she cannot go it alone. An individual must seek out professional legal assistance for a qualified Marietta GA immigration attorney.


Make No Statements in an Immigration Investigation


A person that finds his or herself the subject of an immigration investigation must not make any statements to law enforcement or other officials. When a person is confronted by an investigator or another official regarding his or her legal status in the United States, he or she must immediately inform that governmental official that he or she wishes to consult with a lawyer.


In some instances, a lawyer may advise a person to make a statement to immigration officials. However, in most instances, an attorney will negotiate some sort of agreement with the government in advance of a person making any type of statement or cooperating with the government in any way, shape or form. In other words, an immigration attorney will take steps to protect an individual's interests, including attempting to negotiate a means by which a person can remain in the United States for an indeterminate period of time.


Addressing Citizenship Issues


On some occasions, a person may begin the process of lawfully obtaining U.S. citizenship and find his or her self making no headway towards accomplishing this task. In other situations, a person may have always assumed that he or she legally was in the United States, only to find that was not the case.


These types of situations are also occasions in which a qualified, experienced immigration and citizen attorney plays a vital role. A tenacious and experienced lawyer understands how to navigate the system in order to aid a person in moving forward in an effort to obtain citizenship or an appropriate permit to remain in the United States.


Initial Consultation with an Immigration and Citizenship Lawyer


As has been noted, when a person is facing legal issues pertaining to immigration or citizenship, he or she simply cannot delay in obtaining qualified legal assistance. The typical immigration and citizenship attorney schedules and initial consultation with a potential client seeking this type of representation, at no cost and with no obligation. During this meeting, an attorney examines an individual's legal status and situation and begins to map a strategy to protect that person's interests. Contact Marietta Immigration attorney Matthew C. Hines for legal assistance.

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