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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?


Do I need a lawyer? This is an important question to ask since lawyers can take a large percentage of the gross amount one recovers from a case. The amount can be around 33.3% of the gross recovered amount. The "gross" is the initial amount recovered, not the amount that comes after fees and the like have been collected.


A good rule of thumb to follow is to determine If the case is serious or a complex one. In that case, the importance of having an attorney increases a lot. Additionally, the following situations definitely require that you at least consult a lawyer:


  1. If the other driver was drunk, the damages can be large and a lawyer can ensure that you get the largest settlement possible.
  2. Broken bones and other fractures
  3. Medical bills exceeding 5 thousand dollars
  4. Medical care that is complicated
  5. Pre-existing medical conditions that were made worse by the crash
  6. Driver's claims involving uninsured drivers
  7. Accidents involving tractor trailers


If there are medical liens that have been filed by the doctors or your insurance company is claiming reimbursements for bills that they had already paid.


Under the filing circumstances you will not require a lawyer:


  1. If you were in an accident and the other driver received a citation or ticket and accepted. In this case liability is obvious and the case therefore, simple.
  2. The gross total (the amount before co-pay and what is being covered by the insurance company) for your medical bills resulting from the accident was under 2000 dollars. Or you made a quick recovery from the accident and thus were not injured badly.
  3. You were not absent from work for more than one week.
  4. If it is not possible to settle your case, you would need to file the case with the Magistrate Court - a small claims court in the state of Georgia. There are not many formal requirements for pleading in this court and one can even fill it our by hand.


If one calls a lawyer to represent them on such a case, a good lawyer will say that their services are not necessary and that the cost of the lawyer would exceed the amount that they could bring in.


 The Primary Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer


If the case is complicated or involves complex situations, then it makes financial sense to hire a lawyer. This is because that lawyers bring a level of expertise, skills and knowledge to a case that a regular person would have not be able to.


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