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Get a Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident in Marietta


A man or woman on a motorcycle has the same rights out on the road as drivers of any other type of vehicle. Never let insurance companies intimidate you into admitting you are at fault. Always contact an experienced Marietta auto accident attorney before you make any kind of statement to an insurance company representative. You need to have your legal rights protected and get the compensation you're due for injuries and damages.


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  • How to determine who is at fault


We have attorneys who handle lawsuits and personal injury claims on behalf of victims who've been injured while riding their bikes. We will aggressively pursue the compensation you need to pay for whatever injuries were sustained during your motorcycle accident. We fight negligence and carelessness on the part of the parties at fault. Call our Law Offices today! Or fill out our contact form.


From an Auto Accident to a Bike Accident We Deliver Skillful Representation


As motorists and motorcycle riders share the Georgia streets, highways, and rural roads, there are wrecks and collisions that occur. Many times the bikers are NOT the ones a fault. That means the other driver should be held liable for the biker's injuries.


We understand there are many causes for motorcycle accidents. Our professionals are trained and qualified to maximize your compensation for all kinds of injury situations that may include:


  • Driver Didn't Check Their Blind Spot Before Changing Lanes
  • Truck or Car Pulled Out Directly in Front of a Motorcycle Rider
  • Driver's Negligence and Inattention Caused Them 'Not to See' the Motorcyclist
  • Driver Made a Hard Left Turn at an Intersection Directly in Front of a Motorcyclist
  • Truck or Car Hit a Motorcyclist Because They Followed Too Closely Behind Them
  • Truck or Car Merged Suddenly Into a Motorcyclist's Lane Sideswiping the Bike
  • Vehicle Rear-ended a Motorcycle That Was Stopped at a Red Light or Stop Sign


Highway Accidents


Bikers are exposed and very vulnerable. Many times all the protection they have is their clothing and helmet. Even crashes at low speeds can cause extremely serious injuries. When a crash happens on Interstate Highways like I-85, I-675, I-75, or I-285 at high speeds it can be catastrophic. Brain injuries are common and in many cases even death. If you have suffered a serious injury, The Marietta Law Office of Matthew C. Hines can get you the compensation you need.


Contact The Marietta Law Office of Matthew C. Hines


If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle or scooter accident you may be due full compensation (past and present as well as future monetary damages). You have a Marietta Personal Injury lawyer named 'Matthew C. Hines' who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Pick up the phone and dial 770-941-0913 today and we'll discuss your case.


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