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serious injury lawyer in marietta ga

Serious Injury Lawyer in Marietta GA


Serious injury refers to physical, emotional or mental trauma that a person experiences at his or her workplace, from work-related equipment, products, employer or other employees, or outside of the workplace while in the line of duty. Marietta GA is governed by the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act, which protects employees' safety rights. When a person gets hurt on the job, he or his dependents need to pursue compensation; the use of a good personal injury lawyer can help defeat resisting employers and insurance companies, as well as get the employee/ his dependents compensation that covers their expenses, pain and suffering.


About Hines Law


We are serious injury lawyers who specialize in auto accidents, workplace injuries, immigration issues, DUI and criminal Law among others in Marietta GA. Our highly trained, experienced, and ethical staffs treat each workplace injury case individually and with the utmost respect in getting the injured employees or their dependents the right amount of compensation. We know that even the smallest of injuries can cause emotional and or physical pain; in effect, reducing your ability to enjoy life, work effectively or spend quality time with your family. It is in this regard that we beseech you not to ignore any injuries as delays in reporting such incidents may cost you the possibility of getting the compensation you deserve.


Injury Compensation claims in Marietta


In Marietta GA, you should be aware that the law provides for your protection and compensation if and when you get hurt on the job. You can seek compensation on a number of grounds even if you do not have physical proof of your injury. This is because the law allows for compensation of anything from lost wages, emotional suffering, physical pain, disability, acquisition of adaptive aids (such as crutches or a wheelchair), repetitive stress, long term occupational illnesses, medical and psychiatric treatment, etc... We know that you may be in physical and emotional pain, and may not be able to appear for the compensation claims hearings, yet there are deadlines to be beat in the claims. That is why or Marietta personal injury lawyers respond to your call as soon as possible. We help you gather relevant evidence to your case, represent you during the hearings and keep you updated of your case's progress.


Our advice for a successful compensation claims


Marietta GA has protocol that must be followed for a successful worker's compensation claim. While the court trial and other details might be too complicated for you, you can aid your own compensation claim by taking appropriate steps. First, you must report the incident, however small or big, to your employer, in writing, as soon as it happens, and gather as much evidence of the events surrounding the incident. The law requires that you do not wait more than 30 days before reporting the incident in which you got hurt or your loved was wrongfully killed in his or her line of duty. You should, then, make sure you get treatment or proof of injury from a qualified physician/ doctor or psychiatric. Since employers are wary of malicious employees, they, in most case, have their own list of approved doctors to treat employees or provide evidence of injuries; check your employer's doctors/ psychiatrists list to avoid future issues. Once you are done with these two steps, make sure to get the compensation claims forms from your employer and make your claim formally; reporting injury incident does not constitute laying claims. We urge you to contact us as soon as you get injured so that we can walk with you and advice you on what evidence you should preserve, and what agreements you should not make with your insurance company or employer during the compensation claims' pursuit..




A workplace injury can temporarily or permanently reduce or halt a person's ability to make a living or live a healthy life. However, thanks to Marietta GA workers' compensation laws, employees can seek compensation for physical, mental and emotional suffering incurred in their line of duty. As your experienced, friendly and helpful personal injury lawyers, we will help you file and win compensation that can take care of you and your loved ones; equal to your suffering, pain, disability, medical treatment, loss of wages and emotional suffering, etc... Our sincere advice is that you report the incident immediately, get an approved doctor to verify your injuries, ask for paperwork from your employer and file case. Contact us at any point. Do not let employers and insurance companies shove you aside or settle you for less than you deserve; our services could change your life positively.

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