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Marietta Truck Accident Attorney


The very first thing that your Marietta truck accident lawyer is going to want is that you completely understand all of your case details. This is why at the initial meeting it is so important you are comfortable and take the time needed to discuss everything and hold nothing back. Keep in mind that your representative shares with you client/lawyer confidentiality. Keeping this in mind should relax you and let you understand that you can and should get everything totally out. Your being completely forthright allows your lawyer to best prepare how they will handle your case. The fact of the matter is that if any details you fail to convey to your representative is revealed by someone opposing your claim, the entire settlement can be severely affected and this can prove to be quite costly to you.


After a Trucking Accident


The fact of the matter is that an auto accident or a truck accident can be a very confusing issue and must be handled properly to keep it from getting any worse. Your Marietta truck accident lawyer will begin taking the proper steps immediately after your first consultation ends. You are most likely going to be requested to appear at a deposition, which is the time when all involved parties will have the opportunity to be asking questions. This is why it is so important that you take whatever notes you possibly can in regard to your accident and keep them close at hand. You are going to most likely be questioned by your own attorney, the opposing attorney and perhaps even the insurance company involved.


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Your 18 Wheeler Accident Is Understood By Your Lawyer


Truly considered the worst form of auto collisions are the 18 wheeler accidents when they happen. And unfortunately, as long as vehicles are on the road, they will continue to occur. Of course, you want to take every safety precaution possible to try and avoid them. As a delivery truck driver, you want to be familiar with all local and state laws that you possibly can. And if the truck you are driving is business owned, you want to make certain it is properly insured covering both the vehicle and the driver.


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The proper attorney who is well-versed in these matters knows how to advocate for the best results on your behalf and not simply settle for the minimal payouts that the law mandates. We are completely prepared just what to look out for in these matters. Do not delay getting the proper representation you deserve. Contact the Matthew C. Hines Law Offices immediately at 770-941-0913 and get the free consultation that will put you on the proper path in these difficult matters!


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